10 Effective Ways To Please Your Woman or Man

  1. Be A Better Kisser

This is a fact. You can improve your kissing skills by gently sucking on and nibbling the lips of your woman. You’ll make her crazy. Have a look at these sex 101 tips for advice.

2. Tease Her
To build sexual anticipation, TEASE your lady during foreplay. It will make her feel happier. Spend a few minutes kissing her breasts, but not her nipples, for a while. When she gets really hot and bothered, give her what you want and then kiss, suck and nibble on her nipples. But only after she has waited.

3. Learn the Art of Oral Sex
Three keys are key to giving your woman outstanding oral sex.
– Speed is everything
– Use the right pressure
– Get the right motion
Each woman is unique, so you need to find out what your woman prefers to have oral sex.

4. Be Gentle With Her
While you are having sex in the missionary posture, gently pin your woman’s arms over her head. You can also do it “doggy-style” by lightly securing your woman’s arms behind her head and letting her head rest on the pillow. You should be careful when retraining her, but it will get her excited.

5. Grab Her
This makes “doggy-style” a little more naughty. Don’t forget that women love to be naughty in bed.

6. Do It In Front Of A Mirror
This makes sex messy. “Dirty” is more exciting than “naughty” for women.

7. Talk Dirty
Talking dirty can be very exciting for women. You can give your woman incredible sex by stimulating her voice, not just with your body. This is an important ingredient to blowing her minds.

8. Give Her Vaginal Orgasms Using Your Fingers
You must stimulate her deep spot or g-spot to do this.

9. Try Something New Every time You Go Out for Sex
This will stop sex becoming boring. You can try new positions, locations, sex techniques and if you’re feeling really adventurous, sex parties. OR, (and this is a favorite), try new dirty talk phrases.

10. You Can Give Her Vaginal Orgasms During Intercourse
This is the secret to having the best sex ever with your woman. Once you are able to regularly give your woman vaginal orgasms with your fingers, it is very easy to give them intercourse.

Hottest Sex Tips for Women
Are you ready to make your man crazy in the bedroom? Are you ready to make your man feel like the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen? Are you ready to be a complete sex goddess that will blow him away? Here are the best sex tips and tricks for women. It’s time women learn to accept their sexuality and use it in a way that makes a man happy. Women are so powerful in the bedroom, but they don’t use it to its full potential. It’s time to get clear on your sexuality so you can use it to the fullest. Learn the best sex tips to help women satisfy their man and learn to love sex. You will have better sex if you’re more passionate about it. It’s easier to have sex for pleasure and sex for fun when you are fully prepared.

Masturbating in front your partner is a great way to get him in the mood. You will feel more attractive and have more fun. It will give you a boost of confidence to watch your man pay attention to you. He won’t be able take his eyes away from you. You will get his full attention and control. You will decide when he’s done seeing you and when he’s ready to take you home.

You can also try tying him up if you aren’t confident enough to do this. Light bondage can make you feel strong and sexy in your bedroom. Men love it when a woman has control over the bedroom and is directing them. Sometimes men love to be submissive in the bedroom so let him feel that way.

Don’t be afraid of falling in love with your man. You have the power to decide how far you will go. He will see you in a way that drives him crazy. You can control the pace. This position gives you more control and power, which in turn makes you more sexually active. These hot sex tips are for women that will set your sex life ablaze and make your man smile.