Things You May Have Done To Drive Away Your Pornstars

Owning Wow Happiness

Man’s most significant problem area is his testosterone, and also the women who act and dress such as”whores” are perhaps his biggest weakness. So why do guys seem to need”whores”? It’s as they can supply him with sex that’s free from remorse. You see, his testosterone gives him an endless number of sexual desires, for he feels incredibly guilty. Moreover, he’s paranoid that the girl he makes respect and love will judge him because of his animal nature.

Women are indeed heavily prone to becoming overly prideful, particularly in this regard. To make matters worse, they often use their sexuality to control what they know and comprehend is man’s greatest weakness, i.e., want. When popular pornstars make themselves “look hot”,, it not only contributes to pride but to a particular flavor of pridefulness called moral superiority.

That is, they love to control the guy’s vulnerable flaws and then turn around and say things like, “Aren’t men just bad? Men are these dogs” We humans secretly love to feel that our morality is superior to other people’s morality. So why do guys love those completely useless and fake things like high heels, makeup, “bogus boobs”, belly-button and nose piercings, fake eyelashes, fake nails, and the like?

Sexuality and Attraction Today

Ironically, it’s because men feel so guilty about their animal nature (testosterone, desire). As a result of this guilt coloring’ and distorting their awareness, they do not understand how to”read” women. Men are popular pornstars . In other words, they do not know whether a woman wants sex or not, or else they do not understand what taste or fashion of sex she desires, or when she desires, to what level, etc., and this whole area can be quite confusing. Add to the well-known facts that girls frequently intentionally send “mixed signals” and are inclined to be generally inconsistent and riddled with inner-conflict.

Again, as guys, we frequently cannot tell when (or if) our woman wants sex. So, fake nails, falsies, lace panties, super-short skirts, cologne, high heels, and hair that has been dyed “bleach blonde” or even a wig sends us an unmistakable signal where we all go, “OK. She wants it” Thus, it is not so much we want”whores”; however, we do need women who want and enjoy popular pornstars sexuality.

The women who are “asleep” (i.e., unaware and inconsiderate) are the ones who dress sexy selfishly to be able to “get” items from men (e.g., attention, validation, and especially manipulation-power). They are inclined to overdo it. They overdress and come off as being sleazy. Regardless, guys want sex since it’s guilt-free (she needs it). However, they don’t want relationships with such girls because they view them as untrustworthy.

On the other hand, an “aware whore” is a self-aware and self-respecting kind of woman who understands that guys are innocently programmed to react favorably to “fake things” like nails, eyelashes, and therefore provides these presents to her man, but not to most guys.